eTownz Dashboard helps to better plan & coordinate community development activity. The dashboard also facilitates the workings of a community council, join the dots and helping to manage local projects.
The platform connects key local stakeholders, clubs, businesses, public services, and residents so they can identify their goals and take action on any number of development themes e.g. economy, environment, wellbeing.


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Community Development Dashboard

Community Development Dashboard

The eTownz Community
Dashboard provides…


Suggested Goals

Project Ideas

  • An easy to use framework for community development
  • Helps the community to gain a better understanding of local issues
  • Brings like-minded people from across the community together to initiate local projects
  • Uses open data to better understand local issues and opportunities

Health, Recreation & Quality of Life

Environment & Sustainability

Business, Employment & Education

Infrastructure, Planning & Participation

eTownz are the founding members of community research alliance with expert & diverse partnerships, spearhead research in the community development sector.

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