Smart Community Specialists

Community Development Dashboard

Why we do this?

‘There is no power of change greater, than a community working together.’

eTownz amplifies the output of communities working together.

Sectoral Benefits

eTownz Dashboard helps better plan and coordinate community development activity.

The platform connects key local stakeholders, clubs, business, public services and local residents so they can identify their goals and take action on any number of development themes eg. economy, environment, wellbeing.

eTownz allows for the creation of a community council, the council can have numerous sub-teams based on the eTownz Development themes. 

Local businesses, residents, community groups, and public service providers have a collective interest, to make the community a better place to live and work.

eTownz helps to amplify the great work undertaken by your local sports clubs, schools, development committees and organisations of all types.

Benefits / User type

eTownz brings together different stakeholders from around the community with various benefits for these stakeholders.

Local Groups

GAA, Chamber of Commerce, School Parents Boards, Tidy Towns, etc.

Create a profile of your club illustrating to people the projects you undertake or events you manage.
Identify opportunities where local people or organisations can help your club achieve its goals.
Build Support::
Your club can increase its membership, attract support, and gain support in achieving its goals by working closely with the wider community.

Local Businesses

Local retailers, desk-based freelancers, artists, and food specialists.

Identify new partnership opportunities with other local business

Create business clusters around food, IT, and other business areas so business owners can enjoy collective development and business support locally.

Collaborate with other local stakeholders to help develop the local economy & create job opportunities.

Local People

E.g. Local retirees, local parents, local youth, regular visitors, and foreign friends.

Getting Involved:
Become more engaged with your community, see what’s going on, and get involved.

Grow Volunteer Base:
Encourage new volunteers to participate in local activities.

Support Existing Volunteer Network:
Support the stalworth volunteers in your community.

County Development

Council Councils, Development Organisations, County Sports, Health, Environment or Business groups.

Asset Mapping:
Helps organisation that are coordinating activities at a county level to better understand the key attributes and gaps 

Data-Based Development:
Leverage census, live register, crime and other data sources, visualised and customised to illustrate the story in each county

To improve how county bodies communicate and project manage activities with the local community partners

Regional Development

Sports organisations, environmental organisations, health service coordinators, and trade organisations.

Vertical Planning:
Build a hierarchy of your organisation’s plans. Local plans should tie to regional and national plans through alignment of goals & project plans.

Vertical Management:
Coordinate roll-out of new projects across your network of regional and local nodes.

Vertical Communications:
Coordinate top down messaging and communications strategies.