eTownz Dashboard helps to better plan & coordinate community development activity. The dashboard also facilitates the workings of a community council, join the dots and helping to manage local projects.
The platform connects key local stakeholders, clubs, businesses, public services, and residents so they can identify their goals and take action on any number of development themes e.g. economy, environment, wellbeing.


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Liffey Trust Centre,
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Dublin, Ireland

eTownz Dashboard

The ‘eTownz Dashboard’ is a ‘first of its kind’ application in Ireland, which allows communities to come together in a digital space to make data driven decisions on the future of their village, town and community

eTownz is currently working with partners across Ireland

What are the benefits of the eTownz Dashboard?

Local Benefits

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Smart Community Plan

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Digital Tools

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To facilitate communities in the co-creation and implementation of their evidence based community development plans.

Support communities who want to take smarter approaches

A full community development toolkit, including:


  • Solutions Library
  • Assets & Stakeholders Mapping
  • Community Metrics

Dashboard Features

The features contained in the eTownz dashboard allow communities to rapidly coordinate town teams, map the local community assets, and coordinate efficiently.

The ease of use of the dashboard is one of the defining features of the application, allowing for a seamless transition in to a new way of experiencing community development and collaborative teamwork.

Great reasons to become an eTownz community

The eTownz dashboard provides the tools to create the more engaged and vibrant communities of the future.

Profile Community

Develop and manage a profile of your communities’ assets, stakeholders, projects and goals.

Create Community Plan

Collaborate on the process of creating a long term plan for the community

Cross Community Collaborate

A clear thematic structure allows easy identification of needs, opportunities and challenges

Form Action Teams

Create action teams of volunteers with similar interests focused on a “theme” – a specific area of need, opportunity or challenge in your community

Plan Projects

Manage projects and project teams from ideas stage, implementation & post project review.

Analyse Data

Record and track local metrics to help your community understand challanges, opportuntiies and achievments


Prepare for funding opportunities and make best use of all resources.

Administrate Efficiently

Easy collaboration, data collation and planning easier reduces administrative road blocks


Ease of administration allows volunteers to focus on practical action and enjoying the spirit of improving their community together


Dr Maura Farrell

eTownz are developing a holistic on-line platform that will allow communities, not only to explore the advantage and disadvantages of their community, but also to provide a clear direction of progression into the future.  eTownz is both innovative and novel, has an identifiable market within Ireland and beyond and can assist in bringing local, small or large communities into an age where the internet can play a key role in igniting community development and sustainability.

Maura Adshead

I would like to give my recommendation to Pat Kennedy and all the team at eTownz. I have worked with them on different web development, design and data-related projects and I found them to be extremely knowledgeable of digital services and how to bring together many aspects of a project to deliver a seamless end solution. We are currently actively working with them on two projects and look forward to working with them into the future on various projects. UL is a forward-thinking university and it’s so important that the research methodologies and findings are distributed in a coherent and suitable manner to the target audience and eTownz use all their experience in this area to great effect.

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