eTownz have been heavily involved in research that relates to local development and sustainability for many years, we offer


We have an excellent understanding of the mechanics of local development, how to motivate, manage, and enable communities.

Digital Support:

We provide a range of digital support services including website development, project systems set up and maintenance, 

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Data Capture Analysis

We help identify and interpret relevant data to help achieve project goals



eTownz has 10 years of experience in a variety of research topics linked through the concept of community action. Our expertise in digital technologies and community development provides a novel and impactful partner for relevant projects

Web Development

We create engaging websites and communication plans for research projects

Data Visualisation

We help identify and capture data to help understand diverse topics and create visualisation which allows them to be understood

Knowledge Library

We specialise in developing online knowledge libraries

Custom Dashboards & Automation

We also assist in the development of custom research dashboards and process automation tools

ENRICH - Knowledge Hub

A Zoho creator app built for the health research department within Maynooth University, the app helps to log key information relating health and well being in Ireland among a variety of organisations and research programs, helps distribute this information effectively to relevant stakeholders.

eTownz Knowledge Library

This has been an ongoing project with a variety of collaborators which first began in 2014. It is a digital knowledge repository of: 
Project ideas





All entries are themed and the system allows for the easy creation  of thematic reports with relevant information for use in research  and  local development environments.

Limerick City Mayor Project

About: Working alongside Dr Adshead we are in the process of presenting a report on Citizen Engagement. In this case the report is focused on how people can come together to determine the role of the Mayor in Limerick city. 
Design: Help scope & design the project methodology
Facilitation: Working with representative groups in Limerick, assist in the roll out of the workshops.
Web: To build & maintain the project website
Data Analysis: To collate the project results and build associated data visualizations to help understand the results.

Development Framework & Knowledge Library

  • Partners: Dr. Maura Farrell NUI Galway + Enterprise Ireland

  • About: The framework is designed to address a number of common challenges experienced by communities and it allows community management to be more transparent, efficient and effective. 

Volunteering in Rural Ireland Research Report

Volunteer Ireland is delighted to partner with NUI Galway to present this report on the impact of volunteering on rural communities. Dr Maura Farrell of NUI Galway led the project by delivering hands-on field research combined with an analysis of existing data held by Volunteer Ireland. The research included a desk based survey followed by interviews with individuals in rural communities. While the report focuses on rural communities, volunteers make a significant impact across all communities in Ireland every day. The survey data along with the first hand experiences of those living in rural communities show that the impact of volunteering cannot be understated. In short, volunteering builds stronger communities.

DEAR Project (H2020)

  • Partners: Habitat for Humanity, Engineers Without Borders, TU Dublin

  • About: Aims to inform and actively engage EU citizens in actions towards achieving Sustainable Development Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

Preparatory Action on Smart Rural Areas in the 21st Century

In partnership with a number of organisations across the EU, ‘eTownz’ is currently engaged in a ‘Horizon2020’ funded project for the development and deliverability of an online training and development platform under the umbrella term ‘ Smart Villages’.

The project will provide rural communities (and their animators) with an understanding of the pathway to becoming a smart village and the tools and resources they can use to support that process at each stage of the way (e.g. tools to: conduct a stakeholder mapping; create a local support group; carry out a participatory problem identification process etc.). It will also provide rural communities with access to specific smart solutions that could serve as inspiration and learning for planning their own smart village actions (searchable by theme/focus and other rural community characteristics where it has been applied).

Data Visualisation Project

eTownz are developing a community council dashboard which facilitates smarter approaches to local development through evidence based approaches. A Month by Month live register data visualised in a manner which non technical people can understand. his provides data in a more meaningful ways that communities can more easily access and make use of and communities better able to plan and identify issues in their communities

CWELL Project

Together with Cwell, we are co-creating step by step digital tools and resources – for students involved in community engaged learning and for community partners – to design, deliver and evaluate community-university projects.  We value the opportunity to evaluate these in real communities. During the two years of this project, Cwell students will collaborate with a number of community towns to co-design and deliver: community consultations, profiling, project planning, management and collaboration. 


Dr Maura Farrell

Community rejuvenation, development and sustainability are increasingly key issues of concern within both a community and policy context, not only from an Irish perspective, but also on an international basis. Having carried out extensive work within the context of community and rural development, the issues that lie ahead are not, should communities initiate change for survival, but how do they go about doing this? eTownz are developing a holistic online platform that will allow communities, not only to explore the advantage and disadvantages of their community, but also to provide a clear direction of progression into the future. eTownz is both innovative and novel, has an identifiable market within Ireland and beyond and can assist in bringing local, small or large communities into an age where the internet can play a key role in igniting community development and sustainability.

Liam McCarton

eConcepts proved themselves to be an ideal web design company for the PRCA. As a trade association, our website is our calling card. It is a major source of referrals for our members as well as being our portal to the world. Our previous website had been designed for a different era – eConcepts came in and produced a new site that meet our needs in a timely fashion without breaking the bank. In any such project, there will inevitably be a high degree of personal interaction required; the eConcepts team were professional, flexible and a pleasure to work with.

Ann Phelan

Ultimately, it is all about local people, local business and local community. The eTownz programme epitomizes what my brief as Minister for Rural Economic Development is all about, in providing the essential tools necessary for communities to improve upon and drive their own local economies, allowing them to participate in their own rejuvenation. I know firsthand that there are a lot of communities out there ready and willing to fight back, they have great potential and it is important that resources are targeted to those areas. eTownz can play a pivotal role in this regard. I wish eTownz the very best for the future, their platform and suite of community development solutions have promise to become key tools in the rejuvenation of towns across the country.

Maura Adshead

“I would like to give my recommendation to Pat Kennedy and all the team at eConcepts / eTownz. I have worked with them on different web development, design and data-related projects and I found them to be extremely knowledgeable of digital services and how to bring together many aspects of a project to deliver a seamless end solution. We are currently actively working with them on two projects and look forward to working with them in the future on various projects. UL is a forward-thinking university and it’s so important that the research methodologies and findings are distributed in a coherent and suitable manner to the target audience and eConcepts / eTownz use all their experience in this area to great effect.”

Edina Ocsko

“My name is Edina Ocsko and I am the Founding Director of E40 Group. E40 combines the skills and experience of dynamic professionals with many years experience and a shared philosophy in how to facilitate European networking and exchange. We have been actively collaborating with eTownz on developing digital tools and databases for the EU-wide Smart Village Network and more recently on an EU-funded project on promoting smart rural areas across Europe. We got to know Pat as a professional and highly creative person with innovative ideas on supporting local community development through digital technologies. Pat and his team always bring great energy to our work and we look forward to our continued cooperation.”

Hugh O'Reilly

“The Wheel has worked with eConcepts/eTownz for the past number of years on website projects such as National Rural Network, Spark Change, and a variety of research projects in the community development sector. eTownz provides a unique style of services that combines a deep understanding of the community development sector and digital processes automation tools. The team provides extremely valuable services to our organisation and I highly recommend a similar eTownz. 

Prof. Sinead McGilloway

“My name is Prof. Sinead McGilloway and I’m the head of the Centre for Mental Health and Community Research, Maynooth University. We have hired eConcepts/eTownz on a number of projects over the years to help with:

  • Website development projects

  • Development of the digitalised knowledge library for research projects

  • Preparation of animated videos to explain research projects

We find their diverse skills and attention to detail very important to our organisation and we look forward to working together in the future.”

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