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Community Development Dashboards

Working with Enterprise Ireland and University College Galway we have researched and developed a series of digital tools which align and support the processes of community development. The tools contain a range of community surveys, an online reporting tool and data visualisation tools which bring the concepts of community development to life in an easy to use community report. The online community report is interactive and is designed to spur a sense of drive and purpose for community development issues among the local community.

Community Development Programs

Our community development programmes bring together our auditing tools and community website and range from 3 – 12 months in duration. The programme provides workshops and ongoing project support to business or community groups across a range of areas. to “help them help themselves”.

We provide clearly formatted and structured programmes which on a macro level focuses on business and community development while also providing a range of micro supports to areas such as community training & skills, cycling, agri-food, energy and environment to name just a few (currently only available in Ireland).

  • Business workshops (core)
  • Community Development (core)
  • 10 x optional workshop programmes (e.g. cycling, food enterprise, skills & education etc)

Custom Solutions

We have developed a full range of community development tools using the latest in web and mobile technologies. Our applications were built primarily with the needs of the individuals within a community in mind. From data gathering, community directories, custom forms, geo-location, and a host of other features, we have developed a suite of tools that are readily deployable across all mobile and desktop machines.

We provide access to these applications through a subscription-based model. All data collected through these applications can also be viewed in various data formats, such as charts, graphs, etc. If you wish to have more complex analysis done on data collected, please get in touch with us

We also develop custom applications on request, as long as they are specific to the area of community development, which includes local community groups, local business, government bodies and all relevant stakeholders.

We base our applications primarily around map-based architectures, allowing the users to view data relevant to their immediate location

Community Websites

eTownz community websites are multi-user and multi-service websites which can be tailored for the specific needs of your community. Each site has unique branding, content and website URL built on a range of business and community development services.

The site is structured to cater for the needs of the four pillars of any community; local residents, local business, public services and community clubs/groups.

The platform provides functionality to:

  • Promote local business by facilitating eBusiness for businesses of all sizes and sectors.
  • Provide a communication noticeboard, news facility and event listing for local communities.
  • Encourage equal opportunities for all community members & facilitates a bottom-up approach to community participation.

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This dashboard provides a collection of resources to help communities work together for a shared local development plan.

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